Wise Realities is a not-for-profit research organisation; that is, a special purpose not-for-profit Proprietary company Limited by Shares with the sole charitable purpose of advancing and promoting health through the corporation of immersive technologies in health research and education.

The Board of Directors of Wise Realities is comprised of three members. The role of the Board of Directors is high-level goal setting and the overall oversight of Wise Realities. Appointment to the Board of Directors is made by the unanimous vote of current board members. Reporting to the Board of Directors is an Executive Director who is also an ex-officio member of the Research Steering Committee.

The Executive Director chairs the Research Steering Committee which is made up of five members and partner research organisations’ representatives. The Research Steering Committee is responsible for the governance of the strategic research and funding allocation at Wise Realities.

Wise Realities constitution can be accessed here.