Dr Ali Fardinpour

Founder & XR Imagineer

About Me

I am an Extended Realities (XR) research scientist and innovator. I am the Founder of Wise Realities Institute (2017-2022), a health promotion charity focused on improving health using XR technologies; and the founder of XR Avant-Gardes, a start-up developing XR solutions in health, education and cultural awareness.
I have been conducting research on computer simulations and immersive technologies for more than a decade in education and healthcare.

Advocating and teaching about healthcare immersive technologies since 2016, in March 2019, I brought Healthcare Immersive Technologies into the spotlight, on the executive and decision makers’ level, for the first time in Western Australia by holding the Inaugural Healthcare Immersive Technologies Symposium.

Currently, I help companies, developers, innovators and start-ups with various aspects of XR solution development, including User Experience (UX) design & research, Human Factors, Quality Assurance, Solution Development, and ideation. You can find the comprehensive list of services in the Services page.

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