What we do?

Staff mental wellness VR program delivers Virtual Reality experiences to help with mental health and wellness in workplace. 

We use the most innovative technologies to improve mental health and wellness.

Physical activities

Physical activities help with stress relief and distracts users from their anxiety inducing thoughts.

Group Storytelling

We invite our communities to campfire storytelling sessions to help them with their mental wellness.

Cognition Abilities Training

Cognitive workout of short, intense and fun games designed to help test and train your cognitive functions.

Virtual Art

Painting and sculpting enables people to express themselves, their mental worries and relax.

Meditative experiences & escapes

Exploring nature, or engaging with fantasy environments users can be distracted from the cause of their stress.

Games for Stress relief

Some people need more stimulating and active experiences to help them with stress relief. Games can help in fun ways.

Everyone Benefits From This Program

Staff Mental Wellness VR helps staff to reduce their anxiety and stress at work, build better resilience and go home with better mental wellness.

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